Monday, 24 March 2014

Curse of Mistwood gets a cover

So tonight I finished off the first draft of the cover for Curse of Mistwood. I've dropped 'The' out of the title to better reflect the references to this adventure in The Trolls of Mistwood.

What can I say, other than HAGS!!!!

Oh and for those who are familiar with The Trolls of Mistwood, that sword laying on the steps should be familiar.

I'll be working on the cover for The Freezing of Claeridge Pass as my next painting but that is around work commitments and of course the writing of the two adventures.


Friday, 21 March 2014


Ospreyan are reclusive birdmen who play an integral role in The Freezing of Claeridge Pass.

Standing around 7 feet tall, the ospreyan are magnificent predators who fish rivers and coastal waters for food. They are highly intelligent and on occasion share time amongst humans. It is not uncommon to find these magnificent creatures walking the streets of the great city of Claeridge Pass.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Getting Haggard...

At this stage, The Curse of Mistwood is getting to be The Hags of Mistwood. I'm so busy with the two projects, I'm I'm getting burn out.

Nonetheless, I thought I'd present this lovely lady who is featured on the cover of The Curse of Mistwood.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Freezing of Claeridge Pass

So, a bit of an announcement - the adventure I'm working on in my non-Mistwood time is to be called The Freezing of Claeridge Pass. This is a bit of an into...

North of the Gravic Swamp rises the impressive Glass Ranges, so named for their icy, reflective peaks that hide amongst the clouds on overcast days. The Glass ranges cut through the west and to the north, dividing the lands into a smaller, warmer southern land and a vast temperate midland.

Amongst the Glass Ranges stand two particularly impressive mountains. Some refer to them as the twins or the southern gates but their given names are Mount Kosios and Mount Istus. Between the two is the main trade route between the southern lands to the midlands.

Nestled in this highland pass, between the two, is the impressive trade city of Claeridge Pass. This fortified city serves as a trading hub between the lands to the south and those to the north. Even the reclusive dwarves of the Silver Plains send caravans of goods into Claeridge Pass for trade.

The Lord of Claeridge, Obediah Montief, rules the city. Each of the 7 districts elects an official who represents them in Lord Montief’s council. These councils meet weekly to discuss the political and economic standings of the city as well as any potential risks that may arise.

I'm pretty excited to be expanding the lands around Mistwood. This world started as a map I did of some western realm. The Trolls of Mistwood was the second synopsis of around five that I bullet pointed out on holidays a year ago. I thought building that adventure posed a challenge as an introductory adventure but now I'm working on two more complex and hopefully more exciting adventures.

I hope to have some more art and details for The Curse of Mistwood soon.