Thursday, 22 January 2015

Shinobi27 Shirts?! And Feast update.

Hey all, just letting everyone know I've started selling T-shirts with my art on them over at Teepublic. It's not a big moneymaker for me - I get from $2 to $4 per shirt sold - but it is fun to think people around the world might be sporting my art on their chest.

I have 7 designs at present, including some OSR styled adventure shirts - my faves are Sacrifice to Qo, Kung-Fu Zombie and Adolescent Axolotl Assassins. So come have a look and see if there's anything you like - they are all on sale at the moment for $14 a pop. Normal price is $20.

Shinobi27 Shirts

In other Shinobi27 news, writing has been completed for Feast of the Preserver and we are steadily working through layout and art. Brian is coming up with some fantastic maps, so if you enjoyed his work on The Trolls of Mistwood you won't be disappointed.

The interior art (my department) is coming along and I'm planning on having a playtestable version by the end of January - I have a group of ready judges/GMs ready to frighten their players in this survival horror mega adventure.

Here is a nice puppy waiting to meet the PCs - or is that make meat from the PCs?
More news soon. I'm hoping to have a February release - but things don't tend to always go as planned.


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Monday, 5 January 2015

Nearly a year!

To celebrate our approach to a year old, Shinobi 27 Games is selling The Trolls of Mistwood for a Pay What You Want Price.

Printed Map Cards for the adventure are now available too.

And to top it off, Feast of the Preserver is off getting proofread after a long writing process.

Now the illustration begins.