Thursday, 10 July 2014

The shape of things that were...

It's been a good coupe of months since I wrote in this blog and so...

Teaching is a great job at times. I really enjoy watching a kid go from "I don't get it" to "Ohhhh, now I get it". It's the best feeling a teacher has. But with that comes a lot of work. Marking is very time consuming in my field, teaching Legal and Business but I have been lucky this year with my classes, I'd say I have an 80% satisfaction rating for my students - great kids.

Onto the games.

As indicated by the intro, teaching has occupied most of my time. I've been stewing over adventure and art ideas during the process of teaching. When I wrote The Trolls of Mistwood, I had the full synopsis of the adventure down and knew where it was going to take me, but the sequel is a slippery beast. I have the basics and I have written a fair amount but I'm bouncing around the place because I keep getting conflicting ideas as to how it will conclude. I know the players will determine the end but I want something for the playtesters to come away from that is satisfying and not full of holes - as I feel it is now.

On a brighter note, after months of complete art rest, my drawing hand is feeling great. I still have some tenderness in it but I am easing back into the art.

So this brief blog is just to say, I'm still here, the adventures are still coming along but I'm not on a deadline, so they will not hatch before they're ready.