Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The quest continues... in 5 weeks time.

Curse of Mistwood is back on track with the writing about 80% complete and the art work coming together. Daniel has turned over his part of the adventure and I am now in the process of completing and integrating those parts. Hopefully this adventure will be available in the first quarter of 2017. This adventure is going to be BIG. Bigger than its predecessor. I'm even considering making this a hardback.

In other news (heh), I'll be in the US for the next 5 weeks so progress on anything will cease... except for some illustration work when I get a spare minute or two.

I wish everybody a happy Christmas and a bright New Year.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Shinobi27 Tees are on sale for another 17 hours.

Hey all, just a heads up that I have taken the cover art for the DCC AD&BB Dagon edition and made it into a T-shirt on Teepublic.

If you want to wear a fashionable fish patron over the festive season or gift him to a willing disciple, grab one now whilst they are $14. They'll be $20 once the sale is over. Follow the link: Dagon and other Shinobi27 Tees.

Monday, 14 November 2016

So, after weeks of battling a persistent cough, I'm finally starting to breath a bit easier. So an update of happenings here is in order.

I've been collaborating with Paul Wolfe on a big project he's about to launch, so stay tuned for that but I have also been managing some freelance writers who are working on adventures for my Claeridge Pass setting. It's an interesting time when you delegate writing work to someone whose work you are unfamiliar with. I have found that writers who are not published will gush with ideas and over produce whereas my experience with known authors seems to be the opposite. I imagine experienced writers put high expectations on themself and don't want to disappoint where new writers just want to see their name in print. It strikes me as funny that the more we produce, the more fear we have for what comes next.

I'm currently working on my Masters in teaching and it is literally doing my head in - I'm hoping to polish off my last assignment for the year this week. Fingers crossed.

My family and I are off to the USA in a month's time. We'll be mainly around the west coast for a family Christmas get together but I'm hoping to get to see some friends too. If I don't get to update this block anytime soon, hope everyone has a great end to 2016.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Dungeon Builder Kickstarter.

Now this looks like a useful program for dungeon designers.

I like getting traditional artists to work on my adventures but this looks like a fun way to get some cracking looking dungeons happening quickly.

Dungeon Builder Kickstarter

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Video Review of AD&BB EOE by Brandon Goeringer

Worth a watch if you wanted an overall impression of the book. Thanks again Brandon for the review!

15 Days later... errrr

Okay, maybe someone can explain this - how is AD&BB still in the best sellers list? Thanks so much for everybody who is investing in the hardback book. I'm seeing posts about people receiving them so any feedback for us would be appreciated.

Friday, 16 September 2016

11 Days later.

This has been a real bounce around - we disappeared off the charts and are now back up there. Thanks everyone.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

5 Days and Still Hanging in There

Thanks everybody who has picked up Angels, Daemons and Beings Between. Can't wait to hear how you find the book.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Three days later and still floating around the hottest titles!!

Hey everyone, just a shout out of thanks for the support for AD&BB! It's sitting with fine company up there with Adventures in Middle-earth Player's Guide.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

YAS!!! AD&BB Softcovers now available.

The links below will take you the softcover versions of AD&BB. Thanks for your patience!




Due to my magnificent timing of the release of the books with a server downage at OBS, the hardcover has appeared on sale and the softcovers don't. Once the issue is resolved I guess I'll just leave all up for sale at this point.

Backers of the original product will still receive the book at cost.

Apologies for the confusion.

Monday, 5 September 2016

AD&BB Product Range and Prices

 Hey all, well above is a picture of the three versions of Angels, Daemons and Beings Between: Extended, Otherworldly Edition soon to be made available for sale. The DCC Core book is there for scale purposes.
The hardcover is beautiful and I'm much happier with how that hardcover Dagon came out compared to the softcover Dagon. The softcover Hecate is my pick for best looking softcover.

By now, backers of the original book would have started receiving their complementary offers for both the hardcover Dagon AD&BB EOE and The Trolls of Mistwood and Feast of the Preserver PDFs. If you did back the original Indiegogo for AD&BB and you haven't received the offer, please get back to me.

For everyone else - all three books will be available for sale soon. The A4 softcovers will be retailed at $19.99 each. The hardcover will be $29.99. There will not be PDFs made available for sale due to licensing conflicts with the original IP holder, Dragon's Hoard Publishing. The original PDF can still be purchased here.

Thanks for your patience and support getting this product out onto the shelves.


Hey everybody,

all backers should be receiving information from RPGNow on how to acquire your at cost hardcover version of AD&BB. Please contact me if you have any issues.

The book will officially go on sale this week for everybody else.

Kind regards,

Saturday, 3 September 2016

AD&BB Hardback update and more.

I was waiting patiently to find out that the print edition had been completed and printed when BAM! not only has the book been printed and shipped but I'm expecting to have it in my hands by the close of the day Tuesday next week. If all goes as planned, I will be sending out complimentary coupons to backers by the close of next week.
I also have an update on Curse of Mistwood. The work Daniel Bishop has been doing on one of the adventure's main location is amazing. I am really looking forward to assembling the beast that Curse is becoming.
Cheers for now.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Patron's Update

Just ordered the proof copy of the hardcover AD&BB. By the speed of the last transaction, once printed, it takes 6 to 7 days to get here. Looking forward to examining this.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

AD&BB - Standard Softcover.

So the basic Hecate softcover arrived at my house at 7:45 this morning so I grabbed a couple of quick snaps before rushing to work. It looks great. The print and cover seem to be much nicer to me than how the Dagon Edition appeared. The fact that the Dagon cover's print seemed to be slightly skewed probably added to my disappointment but it was most likely a one-off error.
The Hecate softcover will be available for sale as soon as I have completed the hardback version for the backers. I'm tackling the hardcover a couple of Patrons per night - there will be more pages in the hardcover.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

AD&BB Dagon Edition Softback has arrived

 Hey everyone, the Dagon Edition of the Patron's Guide, Angels, Daemons and Beings Between, Extended, Otherworldly Edition, has arrived in my clutches. And whilst I was excited at the prospect at getting this out to the backers, I'm actually underwhelmed at the quality of the soft cover printing. Don't get me wrong, it looks fine and the contents are presentable but I'm actually going to reformat the book and publish it as a hardcover.

For backers, this means you can either get a copy of this softcover version or wait a little longer to get the hardback version. I will make this softback available to buy but for the people who supported this project from so long ago, I think you will appreciate the hardback version better, if you're willing to wait. This may increase your cost slightly but I'm of the opinion it will be worth it.

What it means for me is the long process of reformatting the book into 8' x 11' size, which is the largest hardback size available from most printers. If you choose to go with the softcover, it's A4 sized, which is a beastly book, a good 3/4 of an inch taller than the hardback will be - but due to the reformatting, the hardback will have more pages due to the shorter pages. It is a painful process and will take me a couple of weeks.

I will be sending an email update to all the people who have expressed interest as backers.

For everyone else, the standard soft cover Hecate version's proof will be arriving on Friday this week, so I will take a good look at that and see how I like that but it will be easy enough for me to make that into a hardcover book too, so I may make that an option too.

In any case, let me know how you feel about this and I'll try my best to give everybody what they want. Cheers, David.

Monday, 22 August 2016

That was fast!

I can't believe the book has been printed in UK and posted to my house in less than a week - talk about express. Sadly, I wasn't home, so I've asked for the package to be redirected to a pickup spot near where I work, so soon... oh so soon...

Friday, 19 August 2016

Last AD&BB update till I have books in my hands

For non-backers, the book has been cleared for printing and I have ordered a proof copy. With luck in a couple of weeks I'll have both the Dagon and Standard AD&BB in my hands. I'll post a video when they come in.

Thanks for your patience, people... and hail to the King!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

AD&BB... again.

 Just for backers at this point. The Dagon Edition has passed the print approval stage and I'm happy to report I have ordered a proof copy about 10 minutes ago. I even lashed out with the $26 postage bill for express post (I'm not excited at all). That being said, I needed to update the standard book's file and will now have to wait a few days before that clears and I can order a proof of it.
So you people at the printers get a move on as the horse-headed demon has his whip out!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

AD&BB: Dagon Edition - Backers' choice!

Hi everyone, I'm very close to completing the AD&BB: Extended, Otherworldly Edition books. As requested by some backers as a thanks and as good will for the future of these books, I have created a special cover that will only be available to backers. Backers can choose the cover they would like: the standard classic Hecate cover or the newer savage Dagon cover.


The Dagon cover has three small robed figures positioned right above Daniel's, Paul's and my name. This wasn't intentional but from now on I'll claim it was. I'd have to be the short guy in the middle. Lol. The full detail of the Dagon painting can be found in the DCC Deviant Art Group HERE.

Thanks again for all the support on this project and I'm looking forward to having a copy of this on my shelf. I hope you are too.


Friday, 12 August 2016

Mummy says:

Who's your Daddy? 1 more illustration to go. Thanks D. Bishop for Canopic Jar illustration.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

AD&BB EOE Another update

 Well, after a lot of proofing and editing, I can report that I have gone through the 183 pages of text as best I can for now. I'm working on a few more pieces of art that will take a while to lock down but the penciling is done, it's just getting the time to add some ink.
I have a burning (cough!) desire to share more with you but I'd rather get stuck into finishing the book.

Monday, 8 August 2016

AD&BB OEE Update

Just a quick update on the revamped Patron's Guide. Editing is almost done. Art is almost done. The fact that I am trying to push this through at my busiest time of the year is insanity but it's the kind of insanity that drives me.

Hopefully, a proof copy will be going off to the printers over the next fortnight. And I do have an idea for a variable cover for backers. Just need to find some of that elusive time treasure.

Monday, 25 July 2016

DCC Patrons' Guide Returns

There have been a few mentions of this around the G+ community so I just wanted to confirm that Daniel J. Bishop, Paul Wolfe and myself are resurrecting Angels, Daemons and Beings Between. Our first goal is to make the book more kick ass than before and ensure the people who backed the original book get some bang for their bucks.

If you were a backer of the original book and have not received an email from me regarding this project, please send me an email with your details so that you can receive the same deal that the other backers will receive.

At present there is no official release date or price but more announcements will be forthcoming. The book will soon have a page count close to 200 pages. Save a space on your shelf for Angels, Daemons and Beings Between: Extended, Otherworldly Edition! Any questions regarding this book or future projects can be directed to:

Sweet dreams...?

Friday, 15 July 2016

Rise of Dagon... and co.

Just as Dagon occasionally rises, so to will rise another ancient beast that many assumed vanished or died with the old ones...

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Dragging me down

You ever get the feeling that you have so many things on your 'to do' list and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day? Then you sit up at night, losing sleep because you're wondering whether or not to jump up and do something constructive? That's the way I've been living the past couple of years and I don't think it makes me a good person to be around. Constantly tired, constantly stressed and a feeling that life is passing me by.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Trolls of Mistwood is Deal of the Day!

 The Trolls of Mistwood is currently the Deal of the Day over at RPGNow, Drivethrough RPG and Ulisses Spiele (?). Come git some... if you like.

Click Here

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Featured Product 2 - Feast of the Preserver

Feast of the Preserver is a survival horror adventure designed for a group of 5 to 8 characters of levels 3 to 4.

“Welcome traveller to the quaint village of Barrowton. You’ve arrived just in time for the annual Endfast Feast!” 

Something is amiss in the isolated village of Barrowton. Only courage, skill and a lot of luck can aid the adventurers in facing the horror that has taken hold of this once idyllic place. Can the adventurers save the village from a terrible fate or will they become the Feast of the Preserver?

Mystery and excitement compatible with Goodman Games Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG but easily converted to other systems
Over 40 pages of blood chilling suspense and horror 
Beautifully rendered isometric maps by Brian Van Hunsel
New evil magic to destroy or be destroyed by

Available Now!

Featured Product - The Trolls of Mistwood

The Trolls of Mistwood is the first adventure from Shinobi 27 Games

Adventurers must investigate the return of marauding trolls to the isolated fishing village of Mistwood. Will they be able to stop a terrifying curse, or will they fall victim to it? 

Designed for adventurers from 4th to 6th level, The Trolls of Mistwood will challenge higher level characters and rack up the body count for larger, less experienced groups. 

  • Mystery and excitement compatible with Goodman Games Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG but easily converted to other systems
  • 40 pages of rampaging trolls, eerie swamps, shadowy villains and more trolls
  • Beautifully rendered isometric maps by Brian Van Hunsel
  • New magic items and curses to share amongst your players
  • Detailed history and description of Mistwood and the surrounding region. 
 Don't forget your fire oil!

Available Now

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Building a DCC World: Curse of Mistwood update

As the follow-up to The Trolls of Mistwood continues on its plodding development, I thought I'd take some time to focus on some developments.

For the most part, my writing is completed and I'm just waiting on my co-writer, Daniel J. Bishop, to deliver his part. The snippets I have received make me anxious to read the finished adventure. When you are the only writer you don't want to second guess how your writing will be received but as a co-writer, I get excited just by the unexpected developments Daniel is adding. I'm very eager to read what's to come.

In terms of art, there have been some exciting developments. One of them is the official addition of Del Teigeler to the Curse Team. Here is a sample of the map Del is working on for the adventure:
I was absolutely blown away by this translation of my floor plans on grid to isometric brilliance by Del. This is just the ground floor of an immense castle. When I was creating the castle my thought process was to design an organic Castle Ravenloft.

Brian has taken a step back from adventure creation and I was lucky enough to have had his original maps to develop into the setting of this adventure. The fun aspect for me is we take a familiar environment and corrupt it.

My illustrating is coming along and the great thing about having Daniel sharing some of his ideas is he inspires scary sh!t to draw. This is a picture of me trying to sleep and Daniel putting scary sh!t in my mind.
For fans of the original adventure, The Trolls of Mistwood, Curse of Mistwood continues the story of the small swamp-side village but pits the adventurers against otherworldly foes bent on the destruction of Mistwood and the start of a world domination like none other. Sorry for the long delays in development posts but it is still coming. Unfortunately, all of the people working on this are very busy people and that makes setting deadlines difficult.

This adventure is going to be huge and IMO awesome. I'm considering launching this adventure as a Kickstarter so I can include some extra goodies in terms of art books, monster ecology guides and so on. The last thing I want to do is crowd fund something that I wouldn't myself invest in. Anyone who has advice on doing or not doing this, I'm all ears.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Another update

 The world of Barg'Herzarag is developing at the hands of Daniel J. Bishop and I'm busily updating maps and modifying encounters to develop what I hope will be our best release so far. Whilst Daniel has proven to be an 'elusive' partner, I'm so glad to have him on board as the work he's been doing has made me very excited about this product. Anyone who enjoyed the hags in The Trolls of Mistwood are going to find this adventure full of haggy goodness.
Aside of Curse of Mistwood, I've been busily constructing my first funnel adventure which revolves around the sad Keep of Lord Justinian Irvin. A little more complex than most funnels, this adventure uses a random event generator that makes the funnel re-playable by the same group where different outcomes are guaranteed.

Real life update: I've been put in the temporary position of Head of Senior School which means any available time to work on Shinobi27 Games has shrivelled up. But don't worry, things are still progressing behind the scenes.

Sunday, 24 January 2016


Just a quick post to say I'm recovering from surgery and have taken some time off adventure making. The break ended today when I got stuck into the area map for Curse of Mistwood.

Based on the Gravic Swamp map from Trolls of Mistwood, the Hagworld area map is both familiar and yet distinctly different. Teeming with a thriving hag community, the alternative swamp has castles, temples and huts where the hags live and commune with Hecate.

I also took my sketch book into the hospital with me for the two nights I was in and did some creature designs for the Claeridge Pass setting. So I'm hoping the school year allows for some solid publishing time.
Stay tuned.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Mistwood's had some upgrades over the five year break between adventures...

This is the Curse of Mistwood map - a few changes since the original adventure. I'm working on Claeridge Pass too and tying the adventures all into a coherent world.