Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Coming... sometime... hopefully soon.

I have been a busy camper. Here in NSW, Australia, our senior students are just completing their Trial HSC exams. I have a lot of teacher work to do... but I've also been inspired to get cracking on my writing.

I have 3 adventures in various stages of completion and I have been communicating with some awesome RPG producers for contributions in terms of cartography and yes, sadly art. The pain in my drawing hand is still a factor with me at the moment and I'm sourcing alternative illustrators. The good news is, coming from an illustrator background, I know some talented people.

So, I'm thinking my ghoulish adventure, Feast of the Preserver, will most likely be finished first. The adventure is about 60% completed in terms of writing and the cover is 80% finished. Here is the working cover and a brief introduction.

Barrowton was once a small, thriving mining village. The mines in the foothills of the Crumbling Mountains once provided the richest source of silver in the region. For a time, life in Barrowton was pleasant and prosperous but eventually the mines ‘dried’ up and finding silver became harder and harder. Eventually the mine was closed down and many families moved on.
Some, however, decided that life in Barrowton was worth fighting for and they stayed on to keep the town alive. One ‘visitor’ would change their definition of ‘alive’ forever.

 I hope to have more news soon on some of the slowly cooking products I have in the works.As I get closer to saying goodbye to my senior classes, the more productive I can become.