Saturday, 20 February 2016

Another update

 The world of Barg'Herzarag is developing at the hands of Daniel J. Bishop and I'm busily updating maps and modifying encounters to develop what I hope will be our best release so far. Whilst Daniel has proven to be an 'elusive' partner, I'm so glad to have him on board as the work he's been doing has made me very excited about this product. Anyone who enjoyed the hags in The Trolls of Mistwood are going to find this adventure full of haggy goodness.
Aside of Curse of Mistwood, I've been busily constructing my first funnel adventure which revolves around the sad Keep of Lord Justinian Irvin. A little more complex than most funnels, this adventure uses a random event generator that makes the funnel re-playable by the same group where different outcomes are guaranteed.

Real life update: I've been put in the temporary position of Head of Senior School which means any available time to work on Shinobi27 Games has shrivelled up. But don't worry, things are still progressing behind the scenes.