Sunday, 1 March 2015

Brian's doing magic again...

One of the key locations in Feast of the Preserver is the manor house of the village elder - and these images are just an indication of the level of detail Brian puts into his work. The top picture may not even appear in the adventure but Brian has illustrated the manor to get an indication of the elevation and frontal appearance of the house.

I'm very excited about seeing the finished Barrowton map but I feel that the old proverb: All good things take time, is certainly appropriate in the case of Brian's work.

In other news, I received my first play test feedback today - was a brief summary of the events the players went through and a more detailed analysis is to follow. Feedback is positive!

For anyone who is unaware, I have also created a Patreon account to help fund these adventures and my art habit. If you're interested at all come and have a look: My Patreon Account

I'm hoping for a new report soon.