Saturday, 9 April 2016

Building a DCC World: Curse of Mistwood update

As the follow-up to The Trolls of Mistwood continues on its plodding development, I thought I'd take some time to focus on some developments.

For the most part, my writing is completed and I'm just waiting on my co-writer, Daniel J. Bishop, to deliver his part. The snippets I have received make me anxious to read the finished adventure. When you are the only writer you don't want to second guess how your writing will be received but as a co-writer, I get excited just by the unexpected developments Daniel is adding. I'm very eager to read what's to come.

In terms of art, there have been some exciting developments. One of them is the official addition of Del Teigeler to the Curse Team. Here is a sample of the map Del is working on for the adventure:
I was absolutely blown away by this translation of my floor plans on grid to isometric brilliance by Del. This is just the ground floor of an immense castle. When I was creating the castle my thought process was to design an organic Castle Ravenloft.

Brian has taken a step back from adventure creation and I was lucky enough to have had his original maps to develop into the setting of this adventure. The fun aspect for me is we take a familiar environment and corrupt it.

My illustrating is coming along and the great thing about having Daniel sharing some of his ideas is he inspires scary sh!t to draw. This is a picture of me trying to sleep and Daniel putting scary sh!t in my mind.
For fans of the original adventure, The Trolls of Mistwood, Curse of Mistwood continues the story of the small swamp-side village but pits the adventurers against otherworldly foes bent on the destruction of Mistwood and the start of a world domination like none other. Sorry for the long delays in development posts but it is still coming. Unfortunately, all of the people working on this are very busy people and that makes setting deadlines difficult.

This adventure is going to be huge and IMO awesome. I'm considering launching this adventure as a Kickstarter so I can include some extra goodies in terms of art books, monster ecology guides and so on. The last thing I want to do is crowd fund something that I wouldn't myself invest in. Anyone who has advice on doing or not doing this, I'm all ears.