Thursday, 25 August 2016

AD&BB - Standard Softcover.

So the basic Hecate softcover arrived at my house at 7:45 this morning so I grabbed a couple of quick snaps before rushing to work. It looks great. The print and cover seem to be much nicer to me than how the Dagon Edition appeared. The fact that the Dagon cover's print seemed to be slightly skewed probably added to my disappointment but it was most likely a one-off error.
The Hecate softcover will be available for sale as soon as I have completed the hardback version for the backers. I'm tackling the hardcover a couple of Patrons per night - there will be more pages in the hardcover.


  1. Will the PDFs be on sale at some point? (I'm not a KS backer, but I did buy the old PDF & will be happy to pay for a newer one as it sounds greatly expanded)

    1. At this point, no. Unfortunately, due to the availability of the original PDF for sale, I have only been given the publishing rights for a physical book. Perhaps at some point in the future this may change but having made inquiries on this a couple of days ago, the publishing stipulations are very clear for physical books only.

      If we manage to produce a second volume, based on the interest of this book, that will change. Sorry if ths is bad news.

    2. It is bad news, but I understand your position. Can you remind me how much is new, or point me at some other post where you already said it? I'm going to have to decide whether or not it is worth getting the physical book (I'm very space constrained).

      Even if it doesn't turn out to be the right product for me, I wish you every success with it!

    3. We haven't locked it in yet but $20 is the most likely price at this stage.