Thursday, 18 December 2014

Shinobi Fiction

He’d done it again. His hunger for discovery, or his greed for treasure, had led Jade away from his companions. “Stay together and don’t split up!” was the mantra of his friends. The wise paladin, Gabrius, had warned them of the evil that tainted the mountain pass but Jade had never been one to follow.

A reflection of light had distracted the ninja momentarily but that was all it took for him to tread down onto weak shale rocks and collapse into the grotto beneath.

At first he thought the cold was due to the water in the cavern but he soon learnt otherwise. A dark cloudlike form rose from the depths and battered Jade like an uncontrolled gust of wind. Then he felt the wounds on his body and to his horror, he watched his blood being absorbed into the cloud. The cloud coalesced and before his eyes, the creature began to take form. His form!

Developing a series of short narratives to accompany some art pieces I've done based on the adventures of my longest running AD&D hero.

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