Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Worrisome Wait

So, as you may or may not have read, I have sent Feast of the Preserver out to a group of volunteer judges to run. This is kind of a nervous wait for an adventure publisher. The question of if it's too deadly or too easy or if it's confusing or doesn't flow smoothly all run through my head during this time.

Aside of my day job of teaching, my hours are filled with proof reading my drafts, making adjustments and adding new art to the finished product.

Brian is hammering away at the finished maps, so I have my fingers crossed that all of these areas that are up in the air will come together into one great, finished product.

I tend to set unrealistic deadlines on myself and also for my playtesters - I have removed that time constraint so instead I'm determined to let the process have enough time to get the product the best I can get it.

So now I will sit back and work out the logistics of print copies, card maps and of course keep chipping away at some other adventures I'm working on. Once I have the feedback from the testers, I'll make any necessary adjustments and send the finished product to Goodman Games. Hope to announce a release date on my next blog. Fingers crossed.

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