Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Unused Patron Art

By request! :)

Back when I was illustrating Angels, Daemons and Beings Between, there were a few patrons that didn't make the final book. Since Paul Wolfe is publishing the stats for some of these patrons, I thought I might as well post the art. Forgive me, Paul, if I get the name's incorrect.

First off is Myrddin. I thought the write up on this patron was excellent - trying to imagine how to portray this in picture form was difficult to conceptualize. But instead of drawing the patron, I decided based on the culture Paul described I'd make the image of a Myrddin worshiper and a totem pole idol of said patron. Seen below:
 You can access the awesome description and details of Myrddin at the following LINK and it is well worth the read. In fact, it was Paul and Daniel J. Bishop's writing on patrons that got me interested in DCC to begin with.

Another patron I drew, and I'm not sure who the writer was on this one (sorry guys) or the patron's name but he was an entity that lived in a volcano and was appeased by precious gems from its followers - all I know is its name starts with 'T'.

This piece actually inspired me to draw symbols for each patron and I have somewhere a collection of 'holy' symbols or markings for the patrons, in the end they weren't required for the book.

One of the pieces I spend a fair amount of time designing was for Paul's patron A'Kas. Paul knocked this one out of the park for me again. Absolutely loved this patron - perhaps he'll share the details on his blog in future posts. Here is the piece I drew for that:
For old time sake, following are some drafts and roughs of other works for that book.
Hecate pencil concept
Hecate Inks
Hecate Cover Art
King Halgaz Early Draft
King Halgaz Pencils
Four Maidens pencils
Myrddin Pencils
Arm of Vendel (Tivet?)
That T guy again but eyes were disliked lol.
On other news, Curse of Mistwood is coming together - art is building up, writing is being done - I'm excited to see how this one goes.

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