Sunday, 12 February 2017

Your Faerie Godmother is in the house

A quick preview of the new patron, Gloriana, Faerie Godmother, from The Revelation of Mulmo.  
Available soon - ish!
Many of the faerie folk take a sidelong interest in human affairs.
Often, this interest lasts but for an encounter, but sometimes a
faerie becomes interested in mortals for their entire lifetimes,
which is still a fleeting interest in the aeons-long existence of the
fae. Such a creature is Gloriana, who sometimes aids Wizards
and Elves, and has become the godmother of several mortal
children - both with, and without, a formal Patron Bond spell.
A mortal with Gloriana as a Faerie Godmother, but who is not
actually magically bonded to her, cannot cast Invoke Patron, but
such a relationship may explain an unusually high Luck score!
Gloriana, when she appears, comes either in the form of a faerie
queen – tall, regal, and impeccably dressed – or in the form of
a wizened old grand-dame hobbling on a black cane. Indeed,
many of her godchildren are unaware that “Grandma Glory” is
a powerful Faerie Lord. For all that Gloriana means well, faerie
folk are most often on the side of Chaos, or Neutral at best, and
her help sometimes backfires as random chaotic elements creep
in. The more powerful the aid she gives, the greater the chance
that something will backfire.

Gloriana’s ceremony must take place in the near vicinity of a
new-born infant. Once the infant is even three months old, it is
too late, and a younger child must be sought out.

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