Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Playtesters needed soon...

Well, I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for Curse of Mistwood.

At over 31,000 words, it's close to being completed. The huge job of fleshing out Castle Wartaren is nearly finished and I'm currently statting out the occupants.

Del Teigeler has delivered what has to be one of the most detailed isometric castle maps I've ever seen. Here's a small sample of the 11 levels Del completed.

I can't recommend Del enough to other publishers. His contribution to this adventure was fantastic and he stuck with me through a lot of issues during the creation of this castle. Thanks, Del!

So soon you'll be able to take your favorite adventurers into the dread castle, Wartaren. As soon as the first draft is edited and a playtesters PDF is created, I'll be putting out a call for playtesters - feel free to express an interest now - Judges and GMs that run the adventure will receive a free copy of the completed adventure and a mention in the credits.

So whilst your players are there, make sure they say 'Hi!' to the Methuselah! She'll be waiting.


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    1. Hey Samuel, if you can email me, the playtest version is now available.

  2. Thanks Samuel, I'll keep you in the loop. Email me at: