Thursday, 14 June 2018

Operation Unfathomable - Review.

I've been reading through Jason Sholtis' Operation Unfathomable from Hydra Collective each night when I get time and I have to say - this is a fantastic product! You can tell there is a lot of love and tabletop experience gone into this book.

For those who haven't had the chance to look over this product, the premise is that low level PCs pursue a lost magic item into the depths of the Underdark (the massive subterranean kingdom). Luckily, a high level group has preceded the PCs, providing a window of opportunity for the newbs to get further than they should.

As well as the overarching mission, there are some great scenarios waiting for the PCs on the whim of the GM or the roll of the random encounter dice - these are well fleshed out and illustrated for running the encounters. And these are not your generic drow and duergar occupants of the world downstairs. In Operation Unfathomable, you'll meet franchise cultists, devilishly cute mushroom men, bat-winged dwarves and worm servants of chaos godlings and more.

In terms of quality, the writing is engaging and well developed. The art is awesome, as those familiar with Jason Sholtis' body of work would no doubt expect. Layout is fun and convenient for the GM running the adventure in terms of an ease of finding tables and maps. Hydra Collective has also provided free print and character resources for download on OBS.

I personally can't wait to run this with my players and if you're sitting on the fence with this one, you won't be disappointed when you take the leap.

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