Saturday, 20 June 2015

Video of the Preserver... I mean Savage GM.

Once again, Brandon Goeringer has taken some of his valuable time to kindly review our new adventure on video. One thing I've learnt from producing this adventure is that the more people that read it, the more little aspects I pick up on through their feedback and perspective.

Playtested by more groups than Trolls ever was, this adventure can end in many different situations. I really like that in this adventure. Brian and I especially enjoyed reading the playtesters' reviews that ranged from claiming the adventure was super deadly to those whose players handled everything the adventure threw at them.

One of the features we tried to put into this adventure was a method to pit the PCs against the clock - time can be the real enemy when you have a disease. But that was my sadistic writing - so that version for the adventure became optional.

So again, many thanks to Brandon for putting together this video for me again.

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